Traditional Knole Sofa

Knole Sofa
Knole Sofa

In fabric and trim as above 7800

The arms in the sofa above do not have finials or tie backs, but
instead have a ratchet system that means the arms can be put into one of 4 positions.

Closed is position 1 and gives a width of 105 cm, position 2
as above 181 cm,
position 3, 206 cm and last position 4, 220 cm.
This sofa is shown with one large seat cushion, has feather pads
fitted to each arm and is finished with fringe, braid
and spaced nails,

This sofa is based on a combination of two very old sofas, one  sofa that was brought to us to be refurbished. 

Due to the nature of hand made furniture, sizes may vary.

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